Monday, October 13, 2014

October People

OK, so perhaps I was a bit ambitious by thinking I could make regular, timely posts. No matter; I have returned bearing gifts.

Anyone that knows me is well aware of my affinity for autumn, October in particular. Besides being the month of my birth (the 19th is also this guy's birthday) it's also the best time of the year for horror-related anything. This is especially true here in New England, where the Halloween season is most at home.

Film without music is almost unthinkable, and music at its best is cinematic. The most memorable musical passages are those that create a scene, a mood, a setting, etc. This is an unnecessarily complicated way to introduce Volume 1 of Halloween Boner Jamz, the first of several playlists I've created for your aural enjoyment this October. This first collection includes a varied assortment of tunes from darkwave to death metal to 80s-inspired synthstrumentals that all evoke things that go bump in the night. Enjoy!


1. Peter Murphy - "Cuts You Up"
2. Salem's Pot - "Dr. Death"
3. Anima Morte - "Corridor Of Blood"
4. Electric Wizard - "Dunwich"
5. Nightsatan - "(Obey) Thy Master"
6. Type O Negative - "Black No. 1"
7. The Lurking Corpses - "Meet Me In The Graveyard"
8. October 31 - "The House Where Evil Dwells"
9. Abscess - "Divine Architect"
10. Hooded Menace - "Theme from Tenebre"

Get it HERE.

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