Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crush and Rebuild. Destroy and Organize.

After spending the last few days revisiting this blog, I've found some good stuff I nearly forgot writing. There is also plenty of disjointed rambling about whatever random topic floated into my head at the time. So, The Man Comes Around is being re-purposed with a streamlined focus on music, with occasional forays into film and literature. Hopefully I can find enough spare time to generate more content overall; seven posts over the last three years is pretty weak.

Notice that the URL has changed as well; I don't know where I came up with the previous one, and it means nothing. (What is sheep terror, anyway?) "Visceral Vicissitude" sounds extremely pretentious, but sometimes I am. And sometimes I'm viscerally drawn to vicissitudes. 

As a music fan first and entertainment "journalist" second, I've come to be a big fan of the Bandcamp platform. None of the other music-based social media sites (, ReverbNation, etc.) can really match its ease of use or the flexibility it gives artists. It has become an indispensable tool for discovering new bands or exploring record label rosters. From this point forward, The Man Comes Around will be dedicated to highlighting underground bands with a Bandcamp presence, as well as established artists and labels that utilize it for streaming new or special releases. And if there's still time between schoolwork, housework, my regular gig and chasing preschoolers, maybe I'll sit down and watch a movie or read a book. Maybe.