Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shed Some Light: THE SWAN KING (Chicago)

We'll start 2014 with something from 2012. I discovered The Swan King along with many other quality bands via the Hell Comes Home Volume 1 compilation, a fantastic collection of underground bands spanning plenty of metal subgenres. The Swan King tread the same waters as Planes Mistaken For Stars and Floor, which is some good company to keep. It's noisy and abrasive but catchy as hell, with big memorable hooks that beg for air guitaring. There's a healthy dose of stoner rock injected into the proceedings here and there, but overall this is thunder pop doom riff bliss. Jump on it.

Pay To Pray EP (2012) - name your price

Eyes Like Knives LP (2011) - $7/10/12.99

The Swan King/Tellusian split 7" (2012) - EUR 2/4.50


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