Sunday, February 17, 2008

So that's what a floodplain is.

Man, it is FLAT out here. And windy.

Last night was great. APTBS packed this place out. Locals Only is like your grandparents' basement, if it was a music venue. Dark, small and smelling of cigarettes and old. But it was cool.

The opening band had 2 girls in shiny silver unitards, and halfway through their set the redheaded one did some crazy stripper interpretive dancing with a hula hoop. I couldn't even tell you what they sounded like, that's all I remember.

The people running the show were very cool. I talked to a few people about Dudefest, which is looking pretty phenomenal this year. The sound was good, people bought a lot of merchandise, and they even had those warnings signs on the walls.

The RV is doing OK so far, but not having a generator sucks. Tonight's show at Schuba's is sold out, which is pretty cool. This is my second time in Chicago, and although I've only seen a little of it, I like it. The club is in a cool neighborhood, down the street from probably the best hot dogs I've ever had. Seriously.

We leave right after the show tonight to head for the cold, dark winter wonderland known as Minnesota. The band is doing an in-studio performance at a radio station before the show, so that should be interesting. If anything, I'll at least have some time to watch some Mystery Science Theater 3000 in its home state.

So I'm thinking we should name the RV. Any suggestions? We've been using "The Grand Ol' Traveling Party Palace", but I think we can do better.

Minneapolis, get ready!

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