Thursday, October 1, 2009

October: the best month of the year.

I love New England and being a New Englander. Warm summers, snowy winters, and perhaps best of all, crisp falls. Namely, the month of October. This is the time of year that drives tourism photography. Foliage in full effect, pumpkin patches, you know the drill. I like that stuff too, but what does it for me are three things: football, a nice Stone Fence, and horror movies. Autumn just brings out the scary around these parts, and it's not just Halloween. It's the Salem witch trials, the real haunted houses, and just about everything Stephen King has ever written. It's Lovecraft, Poe and Hawthorne. For me, the weather and vibes just go along with watching scary movies.

So, in honor of October, I'll be screening and reviewing a different horror movie each day of the month. Most of these will be films I've already seen and know well, films that might not be that well known to others that deserve some attention. However, there are movies coming out this month, both on DVD and in theaters, that I'll try to work into this as I go.

So check back each night for your daily dose of the scary stuff, come up with some drinking games, and enjoy.

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