Thursday, October 22, 2009

October Horror Fest #22: MASTERS OF HORROR, PART 2

EPSIODE 15: Family

John Landis can do horror-comedy like few others. An American Werewolf In London and Innocent Blood were absurd in their respective situations, but truly frightening nonetheless. Family finds George Wendt in an uncharacteristically psychotic role, and the twist at the end isn't that much of a surprise but it's still pure genius and totally satisfies.

EPISODE 18: Pro-Life

John Carpenter hits gold again, with a film even more sinister and dark than Cigarette Burns. A young girl is trapped in an abortion clinic, and there's something scarier than the people after her. This one gets a little political, which I'm not a fan of, but the effects are top-notch and Ron Perlman rules.

EPSIODE 24: The Black Cat

Tapping another icon of the American literary horror scribes, Stuart Gordon returns with his take on Edgar Allen Poe's story of writer's block and madness. Gordon incorporates details from Poe's own life into the screenplay, and the incomparable Jeffrey Combs plays Poe perfectly. This is definitely the last good entry in the Masters Of Horror series.

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